7 days. 100 dollars.

After spending approximately 3 minutes with me, you will learn that I have an above average affection for shopping [in all of its forms]. Online shopping. Thrift shopping. Retail shopping. I have shopaholic tendencies. It’s true. I am a very talented and accomplished shopper. I have no recollection of a time in my life where I was able to properly save money or keep it in my possession for very long. I can find something to purchase in ANY store. Nowhere is safe.

Today is my two-year anniversary at Pace. I have been receiving proper paychecks for 730 days.  Adult paychecks. Paychecks I am proud of and work hard for. Paychecks that I seem to squander away at an alarming rate. Luckily, before digging myself into any truly problematic holes, I am ready to change my ways.  After assessing my current financial situation, I have a few big goals for 2017. In order to achieve these goals, I will live off of $100 every week (until December) and put the rest of my hard earned money towards some worthwhile causes.


  1. Pay off all credit card debt and surgery loan [WOOF]
  2. Save money [a reasonable amount that I have roughly calculated]
  3. Curb my shopping addiction [particularly my unreasonable beauty product hauls / Target hauls / shoes that are too expensive / and clothing in general]
  4. Bring lunch to work often
  5. Buy less coffee by making it at home
  6. Focus on spending more money on experiences
  7. Enjoy and treasure what I already have in my possession
  8. Figure out how to consume youtube/social media/blog content without immediately purchasing items that are being marketed to me (AKA stop being a fucking idiot)

It is important to note that the $100 is to spend on all of the miscellaneous purchases necessary to survive your average week. I will have already paid all of my bills before withdrawing my $100 each week. It is equally as important to mention that Justin pays for our groceries. I simply need to manage budgeting for going out, eating out, and other miscellaneous spending (which is where all of my money was going/ all of my credit card debt has come from). I can’t decide if I’m horrified or excited. $100 a week for some people is a whole lot of money and I recognize how much privilege it takes to be in my particular financial situation. I am striving to be better.

I am one-day shy of my first week of existing on my new budget. I hesitate to share the list of purchases I made this week. I am leaning in to the vulnerability and mild embarrassment. I feel sad looking at the list because of how quickly $100 is spent – most of the purchases were mediocre/bad decisions at best. Typing out this list has made me realize that this blog is crucial to my success – if people are going to read my list each week, I have to stop spending so much money on pizza.


$4.50 – coffee [had to christen the challenge with an overpriced iced coffee]


$12 – [coffee, snack/lunch, & coffee for a friend at Starbucks]


$5 – [iced coffee]

$10 – [half a Rosella’s pizza for dinner]


$20 – [bottle of wine for game night]


$5 – [green juice to try to beat my hangover]

$12 – [Wendy’s for lunch when my green juice simply did not cut it]

$10 – [pizza because of relentless hangover]


$5 – [impulse bought a hot dog outside of the movie theater – honestly this was the best money I spent all week]

$15 – [movie theater snacks, Justin bought the expensive movie tickets]

$1 – [scratch off purchased as an attempt to win the lottery and forget about this challenge]

It certainly could have been worse. I spent my last $1 on a lottery ticket and after that did not lead to any fruitful conclusions, I am ready to tackle my second week on a budget! Here is what my brain is thinking is in store for this blog:

  1. How I used my $100 each week! I intend to take some photo evidence of my purchases to include with this weekly post.
  2. What life experiences are making it difficult to stick to the plan  (SPOILER ALERT: Justin and I are moving the first week of August so I am in full-blown panic mode that I will not be able to purchase new things for our new apartment)
  3. Things I am doing instead of shopping! We live in Manhattan and there are simply so many things to do. I am also eager to start packing up our house and I’d like to do a series of posts dedicated to sorting out our belongings and documenting our move!
  4. Acting as my own therapist by typing out some deep reflections on why I feel the need to purchase 12 soaps at a time (just in case we run out), or why I irrationally give away things that I need to rebuy a week later.

I’M READY! Let’s do this!

Pace J&A.jpeg

(This photo is unrelated to my $100 challenge, however I felt that it was important to include one photo and this one is so funny and perfectly represents our family. Just a few nerds sporting matching pjs.)




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