Hello! It’s been a while.

I have come back from the blogging dead! Quite frankly, I am terrible at keeping anything close to a consistent blogging schedule. At my current rate, I will have written 10 blog posts by the time I’m 35. I’m here to update this virtual space with some of what I’ve been up to since last July.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 9.10.29 PM

The photo above is a lovely view of Brooklyn from the very top of the Freedom Tower. You can see where my apartment building is situated in the Financial District. We live on the 34th floor! Fancy! I live with my boyfriend, Justin. He is my best friend and has brought an indescribable amount of joy to my life since we serendipitously met on the internet last summer. We have big plans and are slowly but surely becoming the coolest kids on the block.


He’s so cute! We went to one of his fancy work events a few months ago in Tribeca. I bought that expensive dress to wear and then returned it the next day. Adulting is hard!

Living in New York City is exactly what I hoped it would be like and yet nothing I ever, truly imagined. Who knew I would find such comfort and joy in smelling other people’s garbage on the street every day? The incredibly loud honking (that we somehow hear from 34 floors above the street) sounds to me what one may consider a lullaby. There is certainly a fair share of strange in this city, but it still feels unreal to me that I get to live here. Justin and I have endless lists of things we want to do and places we need to explore. There is SO MUCH TO BUY and everything is painfully expensive. Sometimes I feel fancy and brave. Other times I feel uncool and super poor. It is a dramatic existence. I have, however, mastered the ‘I know exactly where I am and how to get to my preferred destination’ while sneakily looking at google maps every 7 seconds to make sure that Whole Foods is in fact in the direction that I am walking.


Now, if I may, I will ramble about my apartment. If this is boring, please feel free to skip this post. For now, this is the subject that my brain wants to type about. I dream of pillows. Honestly.

Our decor changes frequently (of course) but this place truly feels like home. There will be many projects and purchases to come. We get the most incredible light from the two huge windows in the apartment. We are SO LUCKY.

IMG_3339.jpgI have managed to keep SO MANY plants alive! 2016 is the year of adulting done right, folks. I’m getting there.


The most recent pictures of the apartment that I have are from when I documented our holiday decor! The white tree strikes again! It’s a real crowd pleaser. The apartment is tiny but comfy. It fits us perfectly. We are remarkably organized people (mostly). Our clever furniture enables me to continue to hoard weird things like vintage linens that aren’t the correct size for our bed and my extensive stationary collection. IMG_3537.jpg

We painted one wall in our bedroom black. It is super moody and cool. There have already been some big changes to our bedroom since this photo but the general vibe is the same. We have the most work to do in our bedroom in terms of design and functionality – and hopefully, if I can get my shit together and frequently update this bloggity blog, I will share our progress with the world. We need a new mattress, potentially a new bed frame, new bedding (maybe?), a different chair for my desk because the one pictured is stolen from the kitchen table, lots of art, more pillows? Oh! And a rug. We’ll see.


This is our unfinished but deeply satisfying bathroom gallery wall. Our bathroom is unreasonably large and it was begging for a collection of quirky art. There is about 10 inches that still needs to be covered by frames to the right of these frames but with my professional photography skills, I was able to center the gallery wall and pretend that the project was finished! We painted the bathroom a really deep teal color – very mermaid-like.


Quick subject change! I am officially one semester into my career in student affairs. I made it! This is the RA staff at Pace – they are such fantastic student leaders and I am so lucky to be learning from them as I figure out life as a professional staff member. The 19 RAs that I directly supervise are so inspiring and extremely hard working. I am beyond excited for the upcoming semester – I feel so much more prepared to be intentional and developmental with my supervision.


This gecko tank is noteworthy and a great way to end this blog post. This particular situation is a great representation of what life can be like as a professional residence life staff member. You must expect the unexpected at all times. A (less than kind) student moved out of their room (without notifying my staff) and decided to leave their gecko behind. After we were notified, it became my responsibility to foster this abandoned gecko in my office until we could figure out what to do with him! Poor guy! Speaking of my office! I am in the midst of an extremely fun office makeover – lots of furniture rearranging, painting and styling has happened. I will be taking many photos and hope to document it here in the future. I feel so strongly about creating an office space that is an expression of who you are – I think that students respond well to authenticity.

Well. 974 words later and I remember how wonderful it feels to vigorously type some self-indulgent paragraphs about my life! It is a very cathartic journey. Thank you for reading!


One thought on “Hello! It’s been a while.

  1. mom says:

    That was an awesome blog. I felt like I was there. I wish I was there!! Sooon I will be over soaking in the cool vibes of your awesome apartment!! Love you, Mom


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