Life lately.

Before I begin this particularly sappy post about the people I love most in this world, I want to disclose how I came to sit in this Starbucks. There are HUNDREDS of Starbucks located in this city.

I wanted to sit and drink coffee and write this post in a location that was not my adorable apartment. I asked Google and I found a sweet blog that rates every Starbucks in the city and has them organized by neighborhood. SO GREAT. If you are interested in reading about some stranger’s opinions on the Starbucks of Manhattan, click here! The Starbucks that are located in the Financial District (where I live) all close surprisingly early. After 30 minutes and one cold brew coffee later, I had to leave my first location and move to a Starbucks near Union Square that is open until midnight. Great success! I am now drinking my second coffee of the evening and am ready to write about some of my more recent life experiences. I am extraordinarily caffeinated.

One last caveat – the format for these life lately posts are going to be bulleted lists. Cool? Cool! Let’s do this.


  • My (temporary) apartment is located directly adjacent to a Baked by Melissa. I have lived here for a few weeks and have yet to step foot into this tiny cupcake peddler. Let’s see how long it lasts. I want to talk about my temporary living situation and what my permanent plan looks like. The trouble with my permanent plan is that I’m not entirely sure what it is (just yet). There are a lot of moving pieces (literally). We are waiting on our new residence hall to be completely finished so that I can move in OR someone else can move in and then I will move into their current space. I hope this happens soon because I am DYING to take all of my beloved items out of storage and start nesting REAL hard. I am secretly thankful for this weird time because I have more brain space to soak in this incredible city. Meticulously obsessing over where my ceramic dogs should be located in my apartment will come later. This is a good thing. For now I am living in the guest apartment on Fulton and it is the most adorable space with a chalkboard wall and a great view. I love every second but I miss my kitchen table. And my books.
  • It is incredible how quickly things happen in our lives. I talk about feeling lucky all the time – this is different. When we are holding hands walking through this beautiful city together, I have a hard time keeping it together. This city is more beautiful because of him. My blog may morph into a public expression of my obsession with this city and this human. I’m not sorry.


  • My storage unit! My beloved furniture! I figure I’d show you where all of my belongings are hanging out while I wait for my permanent apartment move-in date. Not pictured is my pink couch that was purchased after this photo was taken.
  • This photo of my empty apartment is so bizarre. If you visited my apartment in New Brunswick, this picture is probably weird. Or maybe it’s just me. I had to go on a recon mission to find the table, chairs and coffee table that I scattered around the building when I first moved in. This place is unrecognizable to me. I’m glad the Wall Self-Storage truck made it into this picture – driving that thing was quite a memorable experience.


  • It has yet to hit me that grad school is over. I have so much free time and it feels unnatural. I hope I can lure these cuties to me with promises of city adventures and tasty water. Do you know how tasty New York City water is? It’s very tasty.
  • Ugh. My family is so cool and so beautiful. I snapped this candid photo of them walking in front of one of our favorite local places to eat and drink things. My brother works there. I miss them so much (and my mother of course, although she is not pictured). I can’t elaborate on these feelings because I will tear up in public. The people of Starbucks don’t need that kind of drama in their lives. Instead, we can focus on how stupid cool they are and how excited I am for them to stay with me all the time. Crossing my fingers that my siblings will land the raddest jobs after they graduate and will live in the city and we will play all of the time.


  • Oh, Martin. We spent an entire day in the city a few weeks ago (before I moved in) and ate great food (ramen) and saw a broadway show (Finding Neverland). I think this photo was taken at the show! I have no idea how I am going to function (both personally and professionally) without interacting with him on a daily basis. He is moving to Ithaca in a week and although we will both be residents of New York, it will be quite the voyage to visit one another. We will make it happen.
  • This blurry picture of Laurel (my sister’s girlfriend) and Justin makes me so happy. My sister and I were embarrassingly terrible at corn hole (bean bag toss?) but it was pretty cute nonetheless. We all spent an entire weekend together a few weeks ago and it was quite lovely. We must do it again soon. I think we are going to see Matt & Kim with them soon in Philly?!

IMG_2470I will leave you with this picture of my family. When I write about feeling so lucky and so happy, these people deserve all of the credit. My parents have always told me to dream big and work hard and that anything is possible. Moving to this city on my own and starting a life here has been one of my wildest dreams. And it is a real thing that is happening to me. Insane.

Thank you for reading. Tune in for more dramatic expressions of love and gratitude next week.


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