Hot child in the city.

I am moving to lower Manhattan and it feels like a dream.


I start my first full time job (!!) at Pace University on July 1st and have been staying at my parent’s house since I graduated from my masters program a few weeks ago. During this very welcomed time off, I have been relentlessly shopping and collecting delightful items that will live in my new apartment. Needless to say, I will not have as much space as I did in New Brunswick. I have wasted no time obsessing over the minutia of decorating a small space and deciding which items (that I already own) deserve to come with me to the city. I have a few weeks left at home to browse my favorite stores! I hope to write a few posts about my thrift store trips and show you what I loved and didn’t buy and (of course) what ended up coming home with me.

I think it’s wildly important to disclose to the public that I am living in and supervising a residence hall that happens to have an Urban Outfitters in it. You read that correctly, folks. THE FIRST THREE FLOORS OF MY BUILDING IS AN URBAN OUTFITTERS.  WHAAAT?!


Please keep me in your prayers.

Okay! Here are four items that stayed at Good Will for another weirdo to love and purchase.


IMG_2163 IMG_2162

  • Grandmas are just antique little girls… uh, what?! How hilariously weird and silly! Not necessarily something I should be spending my money on. Oh well!
  • That mug was very sweet and I probably should have bought it. I have an extreme tolerance for other people’s germs and dirt but the inside of that cup was in pretty bad shape so I left it behind.
  • This Bob Marley inspired tiny box was fun! I thought about buying it for my office – students need to be reminded of this pretty often. It is a mantra that I live by!
  • I have deep regret that I left that cat plate behind. It’s so ugly that it’s cute. I’m not particularly fond of cats in real life but on glass plates – keep em’ coming.

Hold on to your seats, ya’ll. I have accumulated a rad collection of items since I’ve been home. They are all glorious additions to my life and I think I’ve hit a successful streak of shopping and I have no intentions of slowing down. WOAH! I’m intense.


There is a very high probability that you are less enthused about this drawing of a woman than I am. I AM OBSESSED WITH IT. She looks like my aunt. She is a 1970’s beauty and I think I’m in love with her. This is big frame. It’s not in great shape but I think I’ll leave it because I like the brassy color on the edges. She is groovy as hell. I want to be surrounded by groovy things at all times. I bought her at Good Will for $14.99 (a little steep for Good Will but well worth it in my unreasonable mind).


Now that we’re talking about my unreasonable mind, I must show you this chair that I purchased (at Good Will for $8!). This bad boy may end up back at Good Will if I can’t find an upholsterer who will charge me less than $500 to make him look like the beauty I know he is on the inside. I am going to blame Emily Henderson for this one (because we are long-time friends, of course) (I wish) .. I know in my soul that she would have bought this chair and would have had it upholstered in a perfect colored velvet to use in one of her projects like The Fig House. I am going to upholster this chair whether my bank account likes it or not. I’m thinking hot pink velvet. I will show you the vibe I’m looking for (below is a picture of the Oh Joy studio that Emily Henderson designed). Hot pink velvet, man. Gets me every time. Oh! I should mention that this chair spins 360 degrees! It is RAD.


IMG_2307 IMG_2328

I bought the glass head from Pier 1 for 20 bucks. I am not proud. I couldn’t help it! Look at that thing! There are so many surfaces that would benefit from housing this glass head. Ha! The melamine plates are sort of creepy (do people really separate their food like that?) but they are the absolute perfect color. I bought them at the Point Pavilion Antique Center across from the gym that I go to on Arnold Ave! It is an enormous store (if you go, you need at least 2 hours). They were $6 for the set (I think). The black ikea vessel (vase?) was $3 from Good Will – it has great lines and I don’t have many black accessories. I’m into it.


I have plans to make pillow cases using fun vintage fabric and I like the idea of having a tiny pillow (perhaps placed surreptitiously on my pink velvet chair). I bought this at the Point Pavilion Antique Center for around $3. The fabric is from the same store! The blue floral is actually a flat sheet and was $5! The blues in the sheet don’t necessarily match my life but I like having it to use for future ~picnics in ceNtrAl paRk~. The orange floral fabric is a few yards and was $20 – it is in great shape and can be used to upholster something if I feel so inclined. Hey now, I am officially a fabric hoarder.


I’ve been searching for bed linens that make sense to my deranged brain and Orla Kiely was the clear answer. These were not thrifted but are totally worth the money because Orla Kiely is magic. This is a duvet cover (which I typically avoid) but the pattern and the color are too good. It is the exact vibe I want and need in my life and on my bed. I have to decide if I want to keep my bed super plain and just use the shams or start searching for pillows to match this cutie. We shall see.

 IMG_2302 IMG_2303

I am a HUGE FAN of macrame. It is truly beautiful and not at all fussy but really suites the groovy vibe I’m going for in my new apartment. I found this piece at the antique store in Point (where I got a lot of my other stuff). It was $20 and extraordinarily worth the money. Especially considering the fact that I was going to try to make one myself, which would have been time consuming and would never have come out so beautiful. I added the second picture for scale purposes. It’s a great size. That fuzzy pillow is at my parent’s house and I want it real bad.


This one is a big deal. It is a pink midcentury modern couch. And it was $20. I have to take better pictures of it once I clean it up a bit and remove the skirt that is covering the gorgeous midcentury legs. This picture was taken as I was calmly explaining to another woman that I WAS BUYING THIS COUCH, SORRY, PLEASE STEP AWAY. I sat on it for 10 minutes deciding if I should buy it and when I locked eyes with an innocent passerby who (probably wasn’t even interested) I ran to the counter and told them I wanted it. I never said my process was pretty or fair.


This getup is so damn cute that I had to include it even though it is not home decor. I bought it at Dry Goods in Manasquan for $26. Their vintage section is DIVINE. It is two pieces and I want to wear it every single day of my life.

I’m still searching for a desk chair, a bed frame, and dressers (among other things)! My eclectic masterpiece is underway, my friends.

Thanks for reading! -Alexa


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