Apartment Tour Part 1

My snow day behavior defies rational logic. I am wildly motivated by wintry weather. Today seemed like a great day to tidy up a bit (errr, a lot) and post some pictures of my apartment.

My living room/kitchen is where I spend most of my time and it is a very happy place.





It isn’t easy getting a good picture of this seating area near the window! All of my pictures are dark and terrible. The huge window is wonderful but also challenging – my iPhone isn’t cutting it. Oh well! Hopefully you can tell that it is a pretty cute spot even though the lightening is awful. You should just come over and see for yourself.


I LOVE bar carts. I can count on one hand how many times a month I use an item that lives on this bar cart. However, it makes that corner so very festive and worth the prime corner real estate!



Please note the appearance of another bar cart in my home. What is wrong with me? NOTHING. BAR CARTS ARE THE BEST.

Okay. The next few pictures are a bit odd and perhaps a little TMI. I know that if I was in your house, I would want to know what the inside of your closets look like. I’m nosey like that! I think it’s wildly interesting to see how people organize their lives and what lives in their secret drawers. Clearly, I have no secret drawers or closets.




Is this just a me thing?

On to the bedroom!



More closet pictures! Maybe I should color coordinate my closet…. Do you color coordinate or arrange your closet by like items? Closets are great.


I desperately want a new bed spread. The red/blue combination is what I had in my undergrad dorm room for many years and it was grandfathered into this bedroom. What an awkward sentence! I’m keeping it. I would like to get rid of all of the red. When I move into my new apartment next year, you better believe my bedroom will get the TLC it deserves.


That poor mirror is on its last leg. HA! I crack myself up. It’s actually on its last three legs. I will have to make a game day decision when I move if I want to fix him or throw him out. Poor guy. The vintage flag is pretty delicious. My mom and I found it at an epic garage sale a few years ago. I know – that polka dot wall. Dang, it’s so cute. It is so exciting when you have a vision and it comes to life exactly how you imagined it. The polka dots are pretty happy.

I would like to share some pictures of my kitchen, guest room and bathroom (maybe not my bathroom?) but they are not super beautiful at the moment so I will be back to share those soon! I am curious if you are interested in where I bought/how I acquired some or all of my stuff.. I have posted about my thrifting adventures so it is no surprise that a lot of the stuff that I own was thrifted. If it wasn’t thrifted, it is probably from Ikea or Target or bought from a rad stranger on Craiglist. If you are interested in where I got a specific item, please comment or ask me in person or call me? COOL!

Thank you for reading. I appreciate you.


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