Hello March.

I have provided some riveting radio silence the past few weeks (sorry). Unfortunately (for me mostly), blogging has fallen to the bottom of my to-do list. I am hoping to give this space some more TLC now that my classes are winding down and I have submitted many applications that were hanging over my head.

I have been meaning to share some photos of my apartment since I began writing this blog! My apartment is a really special space and it deserves some digital documentation. I have lived here for almost 7 months and have continued to design and redesign these rooms! I’m going to post a more in-depth apartment tour soon but for now, I will share a few sneak peaks of some of my favorite corners.


This wall of books makes me pretty darn happy on a daily basis. There are some books that I am less proud to display (cough cough Twilight). Regardless, I am so thankful for this shelving that provides a proper home for (a portion of) my book collection.


How stinkin’ cute are my parents at their senior prom!? And the couple on the stump! This is an ideal situation.


This is a slightly awkward photo of one of my kitchen cabinets. I love collecting cups/mugs/glasses. I try really hard to give myself specific guidelines when purchasing vessels for liquids but they are just too easy to love.


Here is another picture that solidifies my lack of photography skills. I collect embroidered art and love the idea of displaying it somewhere that it will be appreciated regularly (mostly by my male friends, hehe).


Faux taxidermy is my jam.


The title of this book is too real. It deserves a special spot near this delicious deer that I bought at the Brooklyn Flea last summer. I also bought that sand timer at the flea!

I have also been meaning to post about a quick project I did the other day when I was snowed in! Rachel Denbow inspired me to embark on a weaving adventure and I am SO glad that I did. I want to make 400 of these.

First, I made my own loom with a piece of wood and some nails!


It’s fairly hard to explain the process so CLICK HERE if you are interested in trying this for yourself!





How beautiful is this!? Weaving is incredibly gratifying and much simpler than I imagined. I am excited to try again!

Thanks for reading ya’ll. Apartment tour coming soon!


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