Gone Thrifting.

Over the past few weeks, I have collected some pretty special items to add to my ever-growing collection of objects. I really enjoy objects. I like people more, I promise. In the past I’ve shown you all of the things I didn’t buy but loved – this time around I’ll just share what I did take home.

I’d like to think it is fate that the two closest Goodwill stores happen to be less than 10 minutes away from both my parent’s house and my apartment in New Brunswick. Fate.


(The Goodwill near my parent’s house! It’s huge! I’m in love!)


This is an Isaac Mizrahi plate! For 3 dollars! My heart! This beauty can be used as a serving plate or propped up all pretty on a plate rack or on a bar cart!


This little plant pot is from Ikea! I am now on the hunt for the perfect (fake) plant to live in there. I can only handle fake plants. I’m pretty good at a lot of things but I am not good at keeping plants alive. The pattern reminds me of Orla Kiely and is why I couldn’t leave it behind. I think it was 4 dollars! Not bad! I’m sure it was around $10 at Ikea! We also have to talk about the sweetest piece of art in my parent’s house featured behind my pot. My parents are the best humans.


I am a sucker for all coffee table books and this one was meant to live in my house. And it was 49 cents! 49 CENTS! I should make a post about my favorite coffee table books. I’ll share some links now to satiate your burning curiosity (love,love,love and love).


This is bar cart #3 that will live in my apartment. I am not ashamed of my bar cart addiction. I will not get rid of them. I deeply love bar carts and am SO EXCITED to start shopping around for accessories for this one. I am going to paint this cutie a shade of citrus green while I’m still home on winter break. I’m not entirely sure where this cart will live in my apartment but regardless, it was too good to pass up for 10 bucks. I’ll show you the color I’m painting it!


It is seemingly perfect.


How precious is this tea pot?! Man, what a good find. Goodwill is so good to me sometimes. I paid a whopping FIVE DOLLARS for these. They are stunning and I am so happy to own them. These guys may live on my citrus bar cart. We shall see….


I bought this plate and I am judging myself a little for it. It’s pretty wonderful but I haven’t found a spot for it in my apartment and that is disappointing. Little plates aren’t the easiest things to use when styling a shelf or bookcase or bar cart (for me at least). I will report back when I find a rightful home for the Kennedys.

Those are my most recent finds while thrifting. All together I probably spent around 25 dollars! Not bad, eh? There were many things that almost made it home with me so let’s hope they found a happy home. Perhaps sending well wishes to inanimate objects is weird but I can’t fight it. I’m weird.

I will leave you with a picture of my cute boyfriend with shaving cream on his face from a silly game we played at the New Years party we went to (we won). I hope your 2015 is off to a great start! I’ll be back to share some of my resolutions soon! Do you believe in New Years resolutions? I think I do. Thanks for reading!



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