Radio Silence.

I have emerged from my mountain of to-do lists unscathed! Holy busy, batman! This has been an incredible semester in so many ways.

After four weeks of radio silence, I would like to share some photos to [publicly] document what has been going on in my world. It is a beautiful life, my friends.


I went on a wildly inspiring adventure to Baltimore with my friend Chris a few weeks ago to visit his undergrad and meet some really special people. The Maryland Institute College of Art is a place my heart will have a hard time forgetting. I would love to work there. We went to the COOLEST diner in Baltimore and had delicious milkshakes. The diner is decorated [floor to ceiling] in toys! I am so thankful to have friends in my life who are willing to share the things they love with me.


This has been my most difficult [and rewarding] semester. Shout out to my Keurig for being my number one supporter through it all. JK. Only a little. This is a semester I will never forget. I have learned so much about what I am capable of as a student. My sophisticated planning capabilities [see photo above of the schedule Martin and I created for ourselves to tackle a paper] and my ability to function on very few hours of sleep has led me to the light. I am so thankful for the great people in my life who make it all feel like the greatest movie I’ve ever watched.


There are so many wonderful people in my life. Shane and Elisa [RAs that I supervise] are two of the many reasons that I love my job so much. I feel inexplicably lucky every day for my staff and the crazy building that I oversee and the tiny apartment I call my home. It is hard to imagine leaving this place in such a short amount of time. So many feelings!


I made some quick tassel garland a few weeks ago! My holiday decor is a bit nontraditional and this garland was exactly what I needed. I had this on a project list for so long and it felt great to make time for it.


In the midst of the many midnight paper writing sessions and intense ResLife realities, I can’t seem to wipe this crazy smile off of my face [thanks to this human]. There is no one I would rather scream sing Backstreet Boys with or create endless lists of our favorite things.


Our annual cookie night was this week. My [entire extended] family spends hours baking and singing and drinking and eating pizza. I am officially in the holiday spirit. This is one of my favorite traditions and I hope we never stop.

I hope to get back to a more regular posting routine now that I have some time for more fun activities. I think a blog-inspired New Years Resolution is in store for me…

Thanks for reading!


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