Thank God it’s Monday.

I love that I can document happy memories on this blog.

I also happen to love Mondays. I have a one on one meeting with all four of my staff members and they make me extraordinarily proud. I am so lucky.

These posts will be so nice to read when I look back on what life was like as a grad student. So fun, so busy, so full.


Thomas, Erin and I grabbed sushi for dinner today at Hotoke. Happy hour for the win!


We went to Barnes and Noble afterward. I could spend 7 hours in that store. It is so dangerous. I am quite excited to read Amy Poehler’s book. Lack of impulse control for the win!


This book was in the clearance pile because it has a tiny rip on the corner. HOW COOL IS IT?! It is THE perfect coffee table book for my 1970s inspired apartment (at least I’d like to think so). I am so excited to casually read through it.


On our way home, we stopped at the Sage Library. It is incredibly beautiful and we have plans to go back and do homework there.

Here are a few more things happening in my world…

I finished an extremely affordable project on a sad wall in my apartment. It is so happy now! My muses.



I made a fall inspired wreath! It hasn’t been stolen yet and I consider this an incredible victory. Thank you Mettler residents. I am going to make a Christmas wreath soon because I guess I’m a wreath maker now.


Speaking of Christmas! My apartment is almost entirely decorated. I will share pictures soon! Here are some of my favorite ornaments.


I am so thankful for this human. We ate Thanksgiving dinner at the dining hall the other day and it was glorious. A turkey induced nap may have happened as well.


November has been so good to me. Thank you for reading!


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