It’s beautiful here.

Life is busy and so, so good.


Just a few photos taken with my iPhone (the new iPhone 6plus, it is glorious!).

  • The most delicious candle with a very important reminder to always be grateful.
  • My favorite Brooklyn friends visited me and brought me THE most delicious donuts from Dough. Dough is the 4,537th reason why I miss Brooklyn dearly.
  • Mystical ponies for $1?!!?! How could I resist?
  • Project supplies. I am dreaming of crafty projects always.
  • A delicious smoothie from a really cool place on George Street! Thank you for a lovely Sunday morning Erin!
  • Two lovely humans eating sweet potatoes in my bed. This is normal, right?
  • The We Are Student Affairs conference was INCREDIBLE! I am so proud. I designed the cover of the program!
  • Tasty soup from a new favorite restaurant on Easton Ave!
  • I french braided Rob’s beautiful hair after we watched The Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • Brand new Target in North Brunswick! Ugh. My heart.
  • This hooligan (in Target, naturally). What would I do without this fool?
  • Anthropologie. I would enjoy living in an Anthropologie for an extended period of time. So beautiful in every way.
  • Bowling with CSA friends! So, so fun.
  • Thrift shopping! Are you surprised? I was very impressed with this cute section of Good Will!

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