Thrifty Thursday (err, Sunday).

I am posting a Thrifty Thursday post on a Sunday because lately my life makes no sense. I had every intention of posting about my thrifting adventures every Thursday but sometimes I choose to do my homework instead. Sometimes. I was going to save it for this upcoming Thursday but this post is a product of unadulterated procrastination. Grad school is crazy ya’ll.

I went to Unique, a majestic thrift store in South Plainfield, last week. I purchased some lovely items. First, I will show you all of the things that I did not buy but really wanted to. Cheers to impulse control!


These bizarre characters were found in different aisles of the store! I can’t say that I would want to display these in my apartment, but I had to document their weirdness. Anna Septic and Collin D. Morning. Puns for the win!

IMG_7704IMG_7705What are these pretty white things used for? Candles? Whatever their intended purpose is, I want to hoard them and sprinkle them throughout my apartment. On this particular day, I chose to leave them behind. Next time, I may bring a few back with me.

I don’t know about you but when I saw that brain for $2.49, I REALLY wanted it. It doesn’t vibe with my stuff, but I would really enjoy looking at it on a regular basis. I didn’t buy it and I’m pretty mad at myself. I want to spray paint it. The brain is so rad!


I loved these pretty glasses. The two different sized glasses in the same pattern would have made for a fun collection. I love collections.


The dinosaur paperweight is so cute and weird. I shouldn’t get in the habit of buying paperweights. Even if they are cute, pink AND shaped like a dinosaur.

This puppy candle is yet another bizarre find. I love having items that make people scratch their head a bit. If I were to purchase all of these random oddities, I would need to buy more surfaces. One day I’ll have a studio with a prop styling shelf and will be able to periodically switch up what lives on my shelves in my house. One day!


This mug almost made it into my collection. There are very particular specifications for entry into my mug collection (I am so weird) and this one was a bit too small. If I didn’t play by any rules, I would have 400 mugs.

I have an almost identical ceramic nut and squirrel container to this one. My Great Aunt Janet made it in ceramics class! Perhaps somebody’s great aunt made this one! I decided I shouldn’t have two of these. I think I made the right decision.


In case you haven’t been convinced to go to Unique based on my magnificent, thrifty finds (the brain! the punny doctor things!) look no further. There are aisles upon aisles of random, bagged items hanging above your head. It is simply an ideal environment for me. If you want to come with me sometime, please do tell. I will show you my thrifty ways and you can help me avoid hoarding more ceramic dogs.


So what did I buy?! I am so dramatic.


How incredibly cute is the cake topper couple!? It is only right that they live forever on that (real) baby stump that I happen to own. They get to hang out with my parents in their senior prom picture.

Framed embroidery is one of my (many) weaknesses. Embroidered, beautiful words make for ideal decor. Live one day at a time and make it a masterpiece. It is a beautiful reminder.


How stinkin cute is this thing?! I want to have a party tomorrow so I can serve some fancy dip out of it. These photos are reminding me to deep clean that carpet. Anyway! This was $7 well spent.

IMG_7961IMG_7960The fake flowers are such a Babci purchase. My Babci (Great Grandma!) definitely owned five of these. They live happily on my bar cart. Fake flowers may be cheesy but I adore them.

The letters were such a score! I bought a huge stack of patterned letter cutouts. If you are in ResLife and are reading this, you understand the value in precut letters! And with a vintage, flower pattern! I call that a big win.

Thanks for reading friends. You may be thinking, “dang, this girl shops a lot”. You are right. I promise I have more depth. I simply enjoy browsing and also have a hard time saying no to myself. I like to give things away so if you are in need of items to fill some lonely shelves, please come over. We can trade! Or you can permanently borrow stuff.

Until next time! -Alexa


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