It seems I have taken an accidental hiatus from blogging.

I have been meaning to post about an extremely successful trip to a favorite, local thrift store that my mama and I spent way too many hours in a few weeks ago. It is alarming how many hours we can spend in one location. We are truly dedicated to our craft.


I came home with an impressive collection of fall(ish) items.

IMG_7736This beauty was in the ‘vintage’ section of the thrift store and was pricier than most of the other clothes (I think it was $18!) but it was too good to pass up. I am so excited to wear it once it gets chillier outside. It makes me feel like a classy lady in the 70’s which is clearly my m.o.

IMG_7732This coat was $10! Absurd! It is the perfect fall coat. I am smitten. I have already worn it 20 times. Great success!


I simply cannot resist a polka dotted, ruffly shirt of any kind. This mustard yellow, ruffly, polka dotted shirt happened to cross my path and now we live a happy life together.


I am a sucker for a good collar. This blouse is delightfully weird and oh-so lovely. I want to wear this shirt every single day.


This was an easy choice. Great color. Great cut. This is a perfect basic for a whopping 5 bucks!


I haven’t worn this sweet dress yet (it has that sort of awesome/sort of gross old smell) and I have yet to get it dry cleaned. I want to wear it with funky colored tights!


I love a good plaid and this is a great color. It is a lovely fall staple.


This is such a simple dress. It is a great cut and perfect for the fall and winter. A blazer or cardigan will get along really well with this cutie!


These puppies are so pretty! I want to wear these to class and feel unnecessarily fancy. They’re Aerosoles!

Fall weather is my favorite weather to dress for. I love tights and coats. I am on a mission to curate the greatest coat collection in all of the land.

Thank you for reading! -Alexa


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