Stacy King is an enchanting goddess. I am so thankful for Elsie Larson (for many reasons) but I am especially thankful because she shared Sucré with me (Stacy’s band). Their music is produced by Elsie’s husband Jeremy as well as Stacy’s husband Darren, the drummer of Mutemath!

Their music is hauntingly beautiful and inspires me in so many ways. The interwebs tell me that they are considered dream-pop, indie-pop, folk and alternative. Dream-pop feels like the perfect way to describe their sound!

Hiding out is my favorite song of theirs. I have connected with this song during so many different periods of my life. I am so thankful for beautiful words sung by beautiful people.

I was able to to see Sucré play a few weeks ago in the city! It was magical, truly. My friend Martin came with me.




I was able to see Sucré play a few years ago at Webster Hall and was SO thrilled that they were coming back. When I saw them the first time, I met Elsie and Emma (from A Beautiful Mess) because Jeremy was playing with Stacy! I will never forget that night – it was so special!

Adventuring in the city was everything I needed last week. It felt incredible to be back in Manhattan (after living there all summer!!). Stacy’s sister Christie and brother Colin’s band Merriment also played that evening as well as the Honey Trees!

It was the loveliest time.


I didn’t get any great pictures of Stacy – the photo above is of Christie, Colin and Karsyn (Colin’s wife!) of Merriment.

Check out Merriment, The Honey Trees and Sucré! These people are so sweet and so talented.

Thank you for reading! -Alexa


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