Garage Sale Saturday.

I feel so strongly about inanimate objects.

I am so inexplicably lucky that my mother and I share the same passion for digging through things that other people no longer want. With coffee in hand, we went out for the first garage sale saturday in quite some time.


I gave myself too big of a budget (woops) and three hours later came home with a ton of ridiculous and wonderful things.

It is so easy for me to convince myself why I need something absolutely absurd. Having a partner to tell me that I don’t really need a large, plastic rhinoceros head to mount on my wall helps avoid excessive hoarding (mostly).


We met so many lovely people today. The sweet conversations were worth the gas it cost us to drive relatively aimlessly around town. How pretty is the headboard below? So fancy.


I took some quick photos of the things I bought!

IMG_7746It is especially hard for me to leave any sort of plastic/glass/metal/live dog behind. Needless to say, I grabbed that dachshund and never let go. Well worth my $3.

The pyrex butter dish is so sweet and if I am going to store my butter in any sort of glass container, I would like for it to be this one.

The tiny glass jar is actually an inkwell! The man who I bought it from was so incredibly sweet. I wanted all of his things.

IMG_7747I didn’t purchase the daisies but will certainly find a home for them. We stopped to see my Grandma and she gave them to me. She makes my day.

A very generous woman sold me the bird pin and the glass pincushion/container. She gave them both to me for one dollar! I love nice people. I am going to put the bird on my denim jacket where most of my other pins and brooches live.

IMG_7748I bought my best friend this shirt. I can’t help myself but to continually buy him great patterned shirts.

IMG_7749Gay monopoly. This purchase requires no explanation. It’s too good.

IMG_7751This was simply a sensible purchase. I have been telling myself to buy a cart for the longest time. Let’s cross our fingers that I will need this bad boy next year when I move to the city!! I think carts make sense for everyone – it will live in my car so that I don’t have to break my arm carrying bags home from Target.

IMG_7753This rug is the holy grail of garage sale purchases. I grabbed it as soon as I saw it and simply couldn’t think of a good enough reason not to own it. I bought it for $40 and it has to be worth 13 times the amount that I paid for it. It is in surprisingly great condition and the pattern is the perfect amount of weird. This rug reminds me of something Emily Henderson would buy/own/have in her house and that makes me love it more. It will look so great with my midcentury furniture in a future home. For now, it will live in my bedroom in my apartment.

IMG_7754I have to do a little more research but as far as I can tell, this is a handmade persian rug. My heart is melting. It is SO COOL.

IMG_7743I’ll leave you with this photo of a bizarre, flowery woman. If it was priced around $20 instead of $250, I would have bought it. Good thing it was $250. What does one do with a flowery, ceramic woman?

Thank you for reading! -Alexa


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