Thrifty Thursday

Aimlessly wandering around a thrift store is my idea of a good time. I sincerely enjoy sifting through piles of nonsense while quietly humming to myself. It is one of my favorite ways to spend time with myself. I have budgeted a humble $10 a week to spend on weird smelling objects that I would like to add to my ever growing collection of oddities. There were so many things that I would have loved to hoard at my local Goodwill this week, but my $10 budget helped me focus on the items that made the most sense for me and my tiny space.


There are few things that make me happier than walking up and down every aisle of a thrift store. The Goodwill in East Brunswick (on Rt. 18 South) is wonderful. The people who work there are lovely and the inventory changes often and almost never disappoints. Sometimes I have a distinct item that I am looking for but most times I find something random that I never realized I needed and now simply can’t live without.


I LOVED these items. If you know me, you realize that it is a huge deal that I didn’t impulsively buy them all. The red thermos was in pretty great condition (although smelled a little weird inside). Something inside me yearns for a vintage thermos collection. I have a disturbing desire to collect things. If the thermos was green, yellow, pink or orange I would have held it tight and never let it go.

The Pyrex glass cup was lovely and I would have bought it if I could have found another one! I don’t have many rules when it comes to hoarding nonsense but I do avoid buying a glass without at least one partner glass. Glasses need love too.

The checkered ice bucket was ADORABLE but had a few scratches and simply doesn’t match my stuff. I really should have bought it because it is definitely worth the super low price (I think it was $4!).


The avocado green mugs were delicious and there were six of them!! The color was perfect but I have SO many mugs and they were quite tiny. It didn’t make sense to use $6 of my budget for them (they were only $1 each!!).

The pitcher would have been a lovely addition to my humble pitcher collection but it seemed to be a knock-off Pyrex. If the pitcher had a Pyrex label on the bottom, I would have snagged it.

I am SO sad that I didn’t buy that globe. It was $5, in great condition and had a cool stand. I’m crossing my fingers that no one else has realized how cool it is and it will be there next week when I go back.


These glasses are what my dreams are made of. They were such a great size and had the quirkiest pattern. I am so proud of my dedication to my $10 budget because there was no good reason not to take that family of glasses home (besides the fact that I have cabinets full of cute glasses).

The Elvis clock was delightfully weird and super inexpensive. He would have lived a nice life in my apartment and he had a long ride in my shopping cart but ended up being edited out to stay true to my budget.

The sand timer (is that what they’re called?) was so perfect and would have loved living with the green sister sand timer that I bought at the Brooklyn Flea! If it was $4 instead of $8, I would have bought it.


These peculiar items are what I ended up bringing home. The tray is metal and I really love the pattern. Responsible adults own trays, right? I can serve my guests things on this tray. It will definitely house a family of knick knacks on some surface in my apartment. Perhaps on my desk. I’ll let you know.

The unicorn was impossible for me to let go of. It is the most perfect paperweight I have ever encountered. Unicorns are so great.

The mug was another no-brainer. It is a perfect addition to my mug collection (which has very specific criteria for entry). I also bought a vintage cheese plate (platter? tray?) for my cheese loving best friend Martin. I forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it to him! It is lovely. It was also the most expensive item (a whopping $5).

There it is folks! My first official thrifty thursday. Tune in for more rambling about other people’s trash that is undeniably treasure to me.



One thought on “Thrifty Thursday

  1. I’m so excited to have read your first post and see how this blog progresses. Oh and if that globe isn’t there anymore it might be because I snagged it for my apartment – what a great find 😛


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